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May 15, 2011


So I don't shop at JcPenney unless my mom drags me in there. Long story short, I popped in one, and OMG they MNG by MANGO pop up shop instores is AMAZING! I personally love the jewelry and want all of the bags!

It is hard to tell from the photos but they are really good quality! Most of the jewelry is in the $15-40 range. Im really focusing in on the red circle earrings, and the quilted wallet. They have it in tan, and i think its only 27! It comes with a chain so its actually a mini cross body!

Not to mention style icon Olivia Palermo looks great in the ads, this is her at the MNG fashion show:


Tasia |Ruffles and Sequins| said...

Ooooooo pretty stuff!You're going to have to go in more often - cause these items are fabulous :) Thanks for stoppng by my blog :D


elena's blog said...

i love this green ring

Doni Brown said...

Love the new layout! It's very unique.

Francesca said...

Thanks so much for your comment! I love that ring especially the red one. it's such a statement colour! also if you haven't already, I would love for you to enter my Dior giveaway as it helps me win this really big blogging competition :) even if you dont want to enter, i would still super appreciate your vote. thanks dear :) xx

Chay Chay said...

GIIIIIRL people SERIOUSLY sleep on JCPenny, they have CUTE stuff and the best sales EVER....they practically GIVE their clothes away! I'm going to have to try the MNG by Mango : )

Anonymous said...

it's so funny i was recently passing through JC Penney's (easiest way to parking lot at my local mall) and they tried pulling me over to this collection...i didnt even know it existed!!!!! i actually really liked some of the pieces in it... and i especially love the pieces you showed here!

hope u had a nice weekend!

FASHIONISMYWAY by Cristina L said...

I love those rings ;DD

Bre zee Beauty said...

lovely post! i love the purse as well as the jewelry!

xxo bre

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