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Jun 27, 2011

Olsen Flash

It now makes sense.
Fashion "School" This is HILARIOUS.



Superblondeep said...

I always love these two

Alicia said...

They are GORGEOUS & have such a great style, LOVE THEM!
Alicia Mi Mundo ❤

FASHIONISMYWAY by Cristina L said...

I was a big fan when i was little, they have talent as actress and they should try to acting new!!

♛ FWB said...

The Olsen's stay hurtin' em. And I appreciate the fact that they let the brand sell itself. No need to try to sing or act- both of which no longer work for them. Just let the faces sell.

That Birkin bag in the last picture though.. I LIVE.


Sojo ; www.femmeswithbenefits.com

Anonymous said...
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theversastyle said...

its amazing how they started as the little twins on Full House and are now fashion icons.. they do such an amazing job


augustalolita said...

MKA!! i love these ladies <3

cryskay said...

love them!! xx

LOLA FINN said...

I love these girls!

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