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Jul 22, 2011

DIY Jewelry Box

I was going to do an elaborate DIY tutorial BUT I was inspired by one of my favorite youtubers AnneorShine! I did pretty much the same as her, I have a lot of old materials left over from projects since I'm a fashion student. if you don't have these materials at home hobby lobby is a good place to one stop shop! I adjusted the measurements to fit my box though:
I found this box by chance on sale for $2! It looks dingy but I remembered Anne's tutorial so I knew I could do it with this box, BEFORE:

I just added trim to the sides to cover how gross it looked before. LOL

Most of my rings are too fat to put in the holders but I like having most of them lying out flat. Also the top 3 rows are my actual "nice" rings so its good that I put them somewhere other than a random box.

OMG ignore my nails. But the right panel is my fat rings, all my favorite rings are fat LOL. I'm wearing my 3 favorite rings. The other 2 panels on the left are my watches and my current stack. And yes that is the Arty ring in blue on the pointer and red on my ring finger.


ilsteviewonder said...

wow nice jewelry box ! I really like your rings nice collection ! especially the huge red stone loveee :D

Chicago Chic said...

This is beautiful, what a great idea!


Unknown said...

Wicked jewelry box!!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway contest!!


♛ FWB said...

SUPER cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

Kimberly, FWB

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

wow you have great collections of jewlery dear. lovin your blog #ff

Panty Buns said...

I like the jewelry box you decorated and filled better than the one in the video. It has a nice vintage look, and you have a nice assortment of pretty rings and jewelry. Looking at all the rings on your fingers made me think of Ringo Starr. Your nails look just fine, but I might not have noticed them if you didn't mention them since I was busy looking at the box and all the jewelry. Pretty.

Urban Fashionisto said...

I think I need a jewelry box now lol
Thanks for the comment! I appreciate! You truly inspire me. I can't wait until we're sitting next to each other at new york fashion show.

Anonymous said...
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customized bracelets said...

You have a wonderful collection of jewelry here. Really striking, fashionable stuff, thanks very much for sharing and inspiring!

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