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Jul 3, 2011

I Dye.

When I think of Lauren Conrad I think of a simple sophisticated style. I loved her on Laguna Beach and The Hills. Minus her stupid decision to not go to Paris (even though she was able to go the next year... yea right like that would happen in real life) I always took her side in arguments. She is a great role model, and doing pretty cool things in fashion. SO,to my shock and absolute amazement, she dyed her hair to this fun and quirky look:
She asked people to vote on this look on her blog, and everyone overwhelmingly said yes, so she did it!This was her inspiration:
I wasn't even going to blog today, but I was so excited at this look!


SusuanaLove said...

OOOBER pretty. Im jel of all this dip dying stuff. My hair doesnt want to dye -__- its blacker than black, and Im scared of bleach :P


Malibu Mara said...

My hair is dark brown and the same way, Get extensions :) I might.

2befab said...

hi there...
your blog is amazing...
if you want we could follow each other..let me know...

The Cat Hag said...

Love the funky highlights in her hair, it's a definite yes from me too. :)

The Cat Hag

theversastyle said...

i have to say she is the smartest one of the Hills bunch... and stays true to her style. This is a bit different for her but I dig it.. good for her!


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