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Jul 12, 2011

You Can't Fake FASHION

Anyone who knows me knows that I love eBay! A lot of my jewelry comes from there!
Recently the CFDA launched a collection of one of a kind bags to be sold to promote awareness of counterfeit goods, and also raise money for the CFDA. The bag below is only $35 on ebay fashion! free shipping!
CFDA also asked several designers to customize this bag and they came up with the following, however, this is where I have a issue with the collection I only posted my top 6, there are like 50 on the website:

I LOVE these bags, and all of these were sold on eBay for $150. For any handbag diva, $150 for a designer bag is CHEAP! I seriously want like all of them, I mean they are ONE OF A KIND! and CUSTOM! SO, if they were raising money for the CFDA, why didn't EBAY of all auction websites, make these bag sales an auction? Literally each bag went for $150 . For this cause I think an Auction would have brought more money in and definitely these bags would have gone for more than $150.


M I N G said...

I am so mad I missed it! That Betsy Johnson one. Huhhhh. Gorgeous! Would have been great for school! Might just get the regular one and do my own thang to it :D

misselisak said...

They are really dope. It was a great awareness campaign. They been working hard trying to get those laws passed.

Superblondeep said...

wow! very cool bags xoxo

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