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Sep 13, 2011

Missoni and MBFW!

I did not have time today to watch any live streams :/ I'll catch up later.
I did stop by target for the Missoni line BUT I didn't buy anything. I might go back on Friday or so to see what they have. Target is receiving shipments of the line all week, so other items will be surfacing. And LOL at the site crashing. My Target is in a small town, so people do not know/care who Missoni is. They pretty much had EVERYTHING in stock still. I feel like I should buy everything and sell it on EBAY for 10x as much. HMMM...
ANYWAY. FASHION WEEK is still going on:

Last night Betsey Johnson put on a show! I love her productions, they're a party.
Oscar is a top 5. His front row was also bomb, minus Nicki... How do you mange to go to fashion week looking... Not fashionable? Not cool Lady GaGa/artisticy, just annoying and weird.
Tommy Ton finds the best street seensters. I love this stack!
Bryan Boy looks like a boss. And who is the fake BryanBoy getting into shows? SHAME ON THOSE INTERNS! DO YO HOMEWORK!

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