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Sep 14, 2011

My Missoni

So I guess while I mentioned our Target was still stocked out of towners got word, and in the morning wiped the shelves :/ Its ok though, I got what I wanted... well half of that I wanted:
Its kind of an inspiration piece for me. I got the milk crate in the warm colors. I wanted the mini media box to match but they sold out. This milk crate was only 9.99! I love the colors and it sits on my desk right now. Its sooo pretty but Its going to be the color palate of my future office. One day :) It reminds me to keep working hard. I woke up to AWESOME NEWS. I got as position as a brand ambassador with a company. I won't be talking about it much until its over, BUT I AM SO EXCITED TO HAVE THIS OPPORTUNITY! They send the best ones to NY! WERQ!
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