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Oct 20, 2011

Halloween Nail Art

Looking at the calendar I realized how close Halloween is! Next week there is a volunteer fundraiser called "Fall Festival" and I am over-thinking what I should wear? Not a costume because I am working the event and going on 22 LOL, I'm working with "chilrens" sooooo any costume I desire is not appropriate. I think I'll find something random in my closet that's festive, I surprise myself sometimes with the things that are in there.
While at the store, I came across some Sally Hansen nail stickers that are Halloween themed!

I wanted the ghosts ones BUT they we're $8.50 and I can probably do something festive myself. I have a bundle monster nail kit (knock off version of konad) that has some Halloween stencils. I looked up some nail designs and had to share them!

Try them out, and show me!!! Maybe I'll post the coolest ones :)

I think I want to either do the Mummy nails, or like the last two photos, a combination of all of the inspirations.
Another Quick solution is black shatter polish on top on orange polish.
My OPI black shatter dried out -_____- LIKE seriously dried out, the polish left inside the bottle was a hard cake in the shape of the bottle. I just ordered a china glaze one to replace it. I really like the china ones better than OPI. SORRY.


Jade Purple Brown said...

i love the blood and eye nail art! I wanna give it a try!


LOLA FINN said...

OMG! Thank you so much, dear! But I hate winter! It´s so terrible long time cold here in Germany...
Crazy nails! :) I love the pumkin face!


Mumtaz® ♥♥♥♥ said...

I love them

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