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Oct 8, 2011

Make Up Faves

Urban Decay Primer Potion//Sephora Roll On Instant Depuffing eye gel// Rimmel Extra Super Lash// Loreal Studio Secrets Facial Primer// Estee Lauder Pure color eyeliner 901 in Pure Black// Elf shadows//Revlon lipstick in Siren// Generic Trim Eye Lash Curler// Avon eyeliner brush.
I wanted to make a MalibuMaraTV about this but I am on a hiatus for a while.I use these items the most in my makeup bag. I don't really wear makeup besides eyeliner and mascara. Thats really all I have time for in the morning! I bought the extra super lash on a whim and it is amazing, it lengthens very well!The roll one depuffing gel saves my life, I naturally have bags under my eyes, this really clears them up. I want to try the Garnier one just because, I hear a lot of things about them. For these really hot months the studio secret facial primer is my MUST HAVE item.I use the angle brush and black shadow was eyeliner mainly because I ran out of my Maybelline and I haven't replaced it. I really never wear lipstick, but for a fun pop, Siren from revlon is really great. Please be fall soon, It will look awesome with my selection of neutrals and neons, stay tuned for outfits posts :)

Whats in your makeup bag? DO we share any of the same products?
P.S. I'm a .com now :) YAY
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