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Dec 21, 2011

Christmas Nail Art

In celebration of finishing my Christmas shopping, and wanting to feel the Christmas spirit, I am doing 4 days of Christmas posts. I'm behind on doing my Christmas nails! I'm doing red with white shatter on top, and solid green on my ring finger nails.
I did my nails like this last year!
Too Cute!

Can't go wrong with simple red glitter!
I would have done 5 christmas posts but yesterday was really busy. I spent most of the day at work, and then trying to delete a virus on my computer. It was the smartest virus I've ever dealt with but I got rid of it! I'm such a Nerd. ANYWAY.Hope everyone is inspired and tries out some great nail art!


Jenna Hughes said...

i wish i had the talent to do my nails like any of these


SusuanaLove said...

I really want the last one, perfect for a impatient one like myself :)


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