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May 1, 2012

Hello May

I feel like I just wrote a "Hello April" post a few days ago. Time is moving so fast. I graduate college in 11 days.I need to get excited about life. I have to believe that something great is in store. I also can't help but include this piece of nostalgia.

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db said...

Lmao @ the nostalgic pic... nice choice lol. The whole wrist clutch photo is everything amazing. and I totally agree time is moving along rather quickly it was definitely just the start of the year and we're practically part way thru. geez. I'm more then certain that life has many wonderful things in store for you girl, get pumped!!!!!
Darling Bonnie

Marta Cermeño said...

Nice inspiration, I love it!
Have a nice day x

Jevon said...

Love the bag! Thanks for the comment too!

Tessa: said...

Love your blue nailpolish and great accessories you have

FASHIONISMYWAY by Cristina L said...

Justin!!! Months are moving fast...and, seeing this Justin pic, even years!! ;)

Stylist Steph said...

Love the pics!


Panty Buns said...

Great pic, even greater sentiment, and CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR upcoming (in 2 or 3 days?) GRADUATION! Love the blue colour of the nail polish and the pants, the pink colour of the bag and all that bling! Oh, and P.S.: I LOVE the month of May! Have a happy one. All my best post-graduation wishes.

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