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Jun 29, 2012

Scene and Heard: Heidi Dillon Interview

Yesterday I got the chance to chat with the lovely Heidi Dillon.You may know Heidi Dillon  from the Style network reality show Big Rich Texas, or more notably as the founder of The Fashionistas. After our conversation it is obvious why she has found the success in her life. She is a strong woman who is very educated and knows what she wants.

I had to ask, where did her love of fashion begin? Heidi says "ever since I was conscious!" She also mentioned her grandmother could sew and would sew her designer apparel from Vogue patterns. Her earliest memories of fashion were just shopping and reading several fashion magazines. She always wanted to wear designer clothes, and that has never changed.

In starting The Fashionistas Heidi  stated "Flashes of inspiration led to the inception of "The Fashionistas.” She  chaired other events in the past and got sick of being around the homogenized group and wanted to do something else. She has faced adversity but explained that is expected when it comes to bringing a new idea to the table. “Getting something new off the ground is always a struggle.-Heidi Dillon”

I asked about how she dealt with the obstacles of trying to get this cause accepted by Dallas society and she replied, "As an artist, I have always dealt with rejection." She went on to explain that both of her degrees are fine arts based! Heidi Dillon knows her stuff when it comes to art, and it clicked at that moment how she has such a sophisticated eye!

Along the lines of education, The Fashionistas have also did work at UNT by supporting scholarships. Alumni such as Shirin (of Project Runway fame), and Nha Khanh have also received support from the charitable organization.

I personally like Ms.Dillon but of course, not everyone does. Some blogs see her as a bit of an Ice Queen but Heidi takes it all with stride, “Hard negative feedback is from ignorance and jealousy,” throughout the years she says she has learned the root of the negativity; and has developed a thick skin because of it. 

There is always a misconception when it comes to style and Texas. Heidi is not originally from Texas, but she knows that Dallas is not full of rodeo clowns! In speaking to people who are not from Texas they are shocked to know that it is not as "western" as it is usually perceived.
"I have no clue what a ten gallon hat looks like, everyone I know wears Louboutins." 
Maybe the South still believes in the Southern Belle. Heidi Dillon has noticed that "women here have a desire to look good when we leave the house." I agree!
Heidi is also no stranger to TV. She is a partner at Morning Dew Pictures and an executive producer. Being on Big Rich Texas was seen as a bit of a chance to showcase the real Dallas, and a platform for her organization. The evolution of Big Rich Texas from it's original Dallas Divas and Daughters format has definitely been a positive one. Don't expect Ms.Dillon to stay still for too long! It looks like we need to be the lookout for more shows with the "Dillon touch." She was very tight lipped about it, but just know that they are pushing at least one show for E! Don't expect her to have a spin-off show based on her own life any time soon though. Heidi swears her life at home is not interesting enough.

I had to ask her about the future of blogging and what she thinks of how it is evolving in the fashion picture. You can follow the Fashionista's Blog and even follow Heidi herself on Twitter. She understands the use of social media, and live tweeted during the episodes of Big Rich Texas. (And yes, she said it was weird watching herself on TV, and YES Pam and her are really good friends.)She is actually great friends with Miss Tina from BagSnob--Hello that is one of my favorite blogs! 
“Bloggers are here to stay the trick is taking it and making it a career.” 

Tina started "BagSnob" around the time that Heidi started The Fashionistas and the "snob" network is pretty huge. Tina has made blogging into a career for herself, and she does very well. Heidi even wrote a few articles on CoutureSnob, but her life is too busy to continue blogging regularly.
I always say winners hang with winners and it is obvious Heidi Dillon is in the winners circle. I look forward to seeing what is next for her! Follow her on twitter in the meantime to see what she is up to and at least live vicariously through her life.
Thanks again Heidi!


Anonymous said...

great interview, I don't have an account but i wanted to tell you nice job on this post. Heidi is a huge inspiration.

MalibuMara said...

Thanks! I got a great response on twitter from ppl who don't have accounts too. Glad you enjoyed it :)

J. said...

Fabulous interview! (I sort of love Ms. Dillon...)

MalibuMara said...

@J Glad you liked it! She's great!

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