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Jun 6, 2012

Summer Playlist//MALIBUMARA: Summer of Sounds Mixtape Pt.1

Hey, so I released a list of cool songs during spring break a few months back, and it's been one of the most popular posts I've ever done. Music Mondays have been going well too. I was going to do another "Summer List" based post, but since I myself am on an infinite summer... I decided to drop it in mixtape form for everyone to download. So jam it, discover new music on your way to work, working out, chillin out, maxing, relaxin all cool... You get it. It's a mix of chill wave, hiphop, and contemporary. ENJOI.
Tracklist: Made In Heights:Exhale (Efreet)//Cocaine 80's: Queen to be// 
Ellie Goulding: High for this (cover)// Jeni: Justin Beiber Boyfriend (Cover)//
Two Door Cinema Club: What you know (Matlock remix)


Unknown said...

So adding this to my Blog ! Are you actually singing on this ? If so your Blowing my mind !!!

Unknown said...

idk just happen with my previous comment.... But you Rock! You have skillls for days! on repeat. [AIRPLANE MODE]

MalibuMara said...

@RAY LMFAOOOO, Thank God I'm not singing on this! But seriously I might sing on the next one. It's a collection of my favorite songs in one cool summer mix, nothing intense.

Confessions Of A City Girl said...

Oh yes, i likes this! This definitely has a great Cali summer feel... Since I cant be in Cali, i'll daydream to this :-)

Confessions Of A City Girl

misselisak said...

Malibu, you need to add Shaun Wiah to your playlist! Check out his stuff please: http://soundcloud.com/shaun-wiah

Anonymous said...

I think I have a new fav artist

g said...

I like this beat, it's pretty sick!

- Gracie

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