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Aug 3, 2012

Friday Inspiration: Team USA

In Olympic Spirit, Friday Inspiration is dedicated to Team USA. Can I say that Man Repeller and I have Olympic watching priorities in order because we both agree women's swimming nail art is waaayyy UNDERRATED.

Patrick B. Kraemer/EPA/Corbis

Daniel Ochoa De Olza/AP

BUT, we all know who the real fashion icon is--Ryan Lochte. Since I AM from Houston and all... I appreciate TV Johnny and Paul Wall for really hooking up my latest dose of eye candy with an American flag grill. The grill is one of Lochte's signature looks. He's a little more "out there" style-wise than other athletes. I think that went without saying. 
I need these shoes in my life. Expect Lochte spam for a while.


I.K.I.N.T.O.O. said...

OMG--just when I thought I couldn't love Ryan Lochte anymore...he's sexy as hell and stylish too? I can't take it...this is the perfect post, I'm totally doing my nails like the first picture--WELL DONE MALIBU MARA :) -Ezi

Sisko said...

Great post! I love the nail art of Aussie athletes as well (I'm Australian)!

Great post!

Jess xx


J. said...

Love this post! I've been watching as much Olympics as I can (I'm addicted!) and I had been noticing the nails...fabulous!

And geez, look at those legs in the last pic...very nice...

MalibuMara said...

@IKINTOO Yes post a pic I love yoru nail art!

Skiso YOU too! I love her nails.

@J I agree! He's so gorgeous, Im dying.

Elle Johns said...

I'm with you - - I need some winged American flag shoes-those are AWESOME!!! Love your blog-following you now :)

xoxo, Elle


misselisak said...

Yea the nails and shoes are dope. Who knew they had so much swag. Swag surfing through the Olympics ;)

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