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Aug 31, 2012

Ways To Wear Your Shirt

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Ways to Wear Your Shirt
Despite our protestations to the contrary, the vast majority of us are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing clothes from our wardrobes. In fact, most of us house a collection that could fill a small store! Our obsession with shopping often leaves us claiming we have nothing to wear - despite the fact that dozens of perfectly stylish outfits are staring right at us from the confines of our bedroom.
No matter what your personal tastes are, shirts are always a popular choice. Suitable for both men and women, this fashion staple can be paired with almost anything and easily adapts to every situation and style.
Formal and Casual
If you have to wear smart trousers to an event then the shirt has to be of the same quality to ensure you look your best. Plain white shirts always come in handy and are a must-have item in any man’s wardrobe.
As it’s summer season, you may have a few BBQ’s to attend. If you still want to look smart but don’t want to risk going overboard, then try wearing a polo shirt. A G Star shirt is the perfect item for this kind of occasion – it’s smart and comfortable and also offers a stylish and casual twist. With a variety of patterns and colours, you’ll definitely find something you love. 
How to Choose a Style
Choosing the style and design of shirt can be tricky; the best thing to do is determine your body shape - once you know this shopping will become a lot easier. You should also look at current trends and styles to make sure that what you wear is in fashion.
When picking a style of shirt, you’ll need to make sure it not only matches the occasion, but also the rest of your outfit. Here are three pointers you should bear in mind:
1. Always match a bright or boldly patterned shirt with plainer bottoms and vice versa. Avoid clashing colour combinations and always opt for subtlety when attending a formal event.
2. Choose colours that complement your complexion and are flattering. On-trend colours for this season include brunt oranges, pale peaches and deep blues.
3. Always select a fit of shirt that matches your body shape. Those who are slender will be able to get away with a slim-fit shirt, whilst those on the larger side should choose something a little more relaxed. Give careful thought to the length of your sleeves and opt for capped varieties if you’re after a casual look.


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