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Sep 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up: Brazilian Keratin Therapy

CHANGE IS GOOD. Thats what I've heard. I include changes periodically. But yesterday, I decided to do something seemingly drastic. I tamed my long mane into the antithesis of everything it used to be.
Photo Courtesy of miss Tigress Brown, HBIC Hair Stylist.
Long story short, I made the decision in a week to do it and OMG so far I'm loving it.Its only been like one day since treatment LOL. Im going to give weekly updates on my Keratin journey because it's new to me too and I think that it will be helpful for anyone who is interested in getting a BKT.
The process took me almost 3 hours but HELLO, look at how much hair is on my head. Anyone normal it's like 90minutes.  It consisted of a rinse, application, blowout, then final flat iron to seal the product. I can not tie my hair or get it wet for 3 days. EEEP. It rained HARDCORE all day yesterday. I did the best I could.Im loving how healthy my hair looks and how straight it is. I've wanted hair this straight my whole life. I think Im going to flat iron it more often after my initial rinse in 2 days. Then stick to dry shampoos and stuff to make my treatment last, we'll see. I'm going to research it more as I go along LOL.

 If you live in Houston and are interested in the BKT or hair cuts, relaxers, extenstions, sew-ins, color, etc.-- HIT HER UP. She's located on Westheimer (Galleria Area) and is super talented check out her site to read up on her services: http://greatcutsandstyles.webs.com/

In other wrap-up news:
Clockwise: I decided that I'm obsessed with Escalante in HIghland Village. I feasted on the Diez lunch special. I went to HFAF (Houston Fine arts festival) a few weekend ago and I'm still reeling from it. I need to go to the museum on Thursdays. I love the inspiration. Yesterday I got swagged out by Chinese Exchange students. We also danced heavily to Gangnum Style. That chevron photo in the bottom left is the lobby area of that salon. I was obsessed with the interior decorating in there. NEED ALL OF IT.
 Le sigh. I don't know what to do with myself. My hair is giving me life right meow.


Yobi said...

Love It

dela belle k said...

Very pretty!!


Bonnie said...

Your hair looks amazing!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Mariliis Anger said...

You look amazing!
You looked good before, but this straight hair makes you looks super super good! :)

misselisak said...

I love it!!!! Beautiful!

MalibuMara said...

Thanks guys! I'm super excited for my new look :)

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