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Jan 29, 2013

Scene and Heard: Artopia 2013

Houston Press Artopia was held on Saturday and I must say it was pretty much what it is called, ARTOPIA. I met up with two other bloggers, Aymara and Ashia at 360 on Washington before hand. Upon arrival I checked my camera and saw that it had DIED! AHHH, No bueno. LUCKY for me Aymara is super awesome and had an extra camera. I captured a few shots but not to too many. If you have never heard of Artopia before, it features Fashion, Art, Music and Food. This year it was hosted at Winter Street studios and the art vibe was present at every corner.
For the art crowd works were featured from Patrick Medrano, Jermaine Rogers, Lauren Luna, and MANY More. Those were just my faves. Awesome food samples were provided. On the music stage there were performances from Poor Pilate, Bang Banz and Bagheera. Fashion wise Red Rocket and there was a presentation by Dawn Bell. I'm really sad I could document the entire night visually but I must say it was a fun experience!
Highly recommended.


Panty Buns said...

I like the haute couture of the outfit you rocked at Artopia (pictured at the upper right). Too bad about your camera dying but you gat some nice pics anyway (thanks Aymara). The event looks like it was a blast! I'm glad you made it there for the fun experience :)

Anonymous said...
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