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Jan 30, 2013

Scene and Heard: Scott McKenzie

You seem to be a man of many talents. What would you say is the biggest influence of your success?
 It's a funny thing... the biggest influence of who I am is The friends I keep around me .. that's the reason 2 my success.. cause I keep people around me that Inspire me 
What was it like working with Pharrell? Did he give you any advice that helped you get where u are now?
 Pharrell is a Humble person... &the experience of BBC ICE CREAM has taught me that U can oneday work for your idol if strategise right.
As a motivational speaker you are giving back to the younger generations. What would piece of advice would you give yourself as a kid?
Advice I give is... Keep people around U that do they best 2 keep their word... & U see results in the actions they make... your success will do with your discipline and the discipline of those around u.

Looking at more of your credentials, you are an Ambassador for Reebok, what does that title in-tale?
Everyone asks this.. well first I wanna say that each job is different when Labeled an ambassador... For me with reebok I must instigate conversation online... build word of mouth. on social media.
Also Reebok has been very active as of lately releasing retros which would be your favorite release up coming or already released?
The KamiKaze's &PUMPS! all PUMPS

What can we expect from the Great Estate in 2013? Are you working on any big projects we should be looking out for?
Well the company is called THE MCKENZIE ESTATE... I should of never used a name i never owned.. lol cause it was taken by the time i was ready to own it... but yea'.. I'm doing the GRILLED CHEESE PARTY TOUR ... Purple Mango Art Show.. & some up &coming work w/ Def Jam. that's it.

Unfamiliar Faces,This Article was Co-Written by Kyle Hamilton! Formal introduction to come soon. For now, Feel free to welcome him to the blog!


Anonymous said...

I saw this link from twitter Great Scott is my biggest inspiration. Great interview. Hope to see more of him on your blog

MalibuMara said...

Glad you liked it, He's a cool dude!

Anonymous said...

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No worries if you don't want to. Ok then, keep up the outstanding work. I will be back for more!
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