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Feb 23, 2013

Current Crave: More Sky Highs?

As you can see from my HTSS2013 posts I wore enough of my red sky high dunks. I'm currently stalking some new prey:
Photo Credit: byrd-ie.blogspot.com

The cool thing about fashion is it encompasses various industries. These released only in NYC for now on 2/9. They're actually a part of a whole city pack... which I also am kind of DYING over.

1. New York 2/9 |Black, Silver with synth. pony 2. London 2/16 |Red flannel 3. Milan 2/23 |Synth. Croc 4. Paris 3/2 |Black & White Checker 5. Tokyo 3/19 |Camel
So they release on the listed dates ONLY in that city. DO these dates sound familiar? They coincide with the FASHION WEEKS in each country :D Who says sneakers can't be HIGH FASHION?
The general release is March 27, but don't make your calendars because I need a better chance of getting my hands on the New York pair. KTHX.


Reveal Your Tru Identity said...

Loving the NY & London pair :)

CULTstyle said...

Those shoes are BEAUTIFUL X


CULTstyle said...

Those shoes are BEAUTIFUL X


Miss Elisa K. said...

Oh this post is love, just for me! Thanks Malibu ;)

Sisters Marie said...

companies are certainly getting more creative with their sneakers! the wedges are definitely growing on me!

Sisters Marie
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