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Feb 19, 2013

HTOWN Sneaker Summit, Round one.

If all-star and various sneaker releases at the same time didn't overwhelm you, you probably found yourself in at the HTOWN Sneaker Summit to buy, sell, or trade. This year it brought out it's biggest crowd yet, most likely thanks in part to it being All-Star weekend. The crowd included appearances from Asap Rocky, Teyana Taylor, Trindad James, and Bun B. I must say the fact that there were just as many girls out there doing their thing was really cool. My highlight was Teyana Taylor and her Adidas Originals. There will be a post over her collab with Adidas! I am so in love.

Also look forward to hearing from some of the cool vendors that came out, I met some really cool people that need to be seen! I recommend this event for anyone into street-wear or interested in seeing a unique culture. It was definitely an experience, and it looks like July is the next time its happening, STAY TUNED.
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