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Apr 26, 2013

It's Gonna Be May?

 I graduated almost a year ago (Insert shocked face). My life has changed so much. What a difference ONE YEAR makes.Looking back, its been a crazy year. All I know is I finally feel like I'm headed in the right direction. The only think I lack is blogging 5 times a week. I'll get back to there. Give me a little, I made a cool lookbook for you all:
I'm dropping a look a week. SO STAY TUNED.

So who took my photos? A dope as friend/colleague and owner of KB| Photography.
Are you in Houston and need photography done?
KB is super reasonable!
Session fee starts at $50 for up to 2 hours. You can check out their site for more info: http://www.kbcreativephotos.com/about.html .




J. said...

Love the colors, love the styling! Very very nice!

Panty Buns said...

It's been almost a year since you graduated? :O) That photo of you by KB Photography is great but so was the subject. You are in AMAZING shape and looking GOOD!


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