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Jun 17, 2013

Magna Carta, Holy Grail.

Its Music Monday and if you have been keeping up with the NBA finals you saw the Jay-z Glimpse (presented by Samsung galaxy) of the new Jay-Z Album Magna Carta. I've been a HUGE Jay-Z fan forever so of course this needs to be added to the collection as soon as it drops! Just watch the commerical... and get ready.

Man this is the dream team right here: Timba, Swizz, Hov, Pharrell and Rick Rubin. This is going to be and instant Classic.


Confessions Of A City Girl said...

Just when I think J can't amaze me any more... BOOM... he does it again.

Confessions Of A City Girl / Enerjiee

I.K.I.N.T.O.O. said...

Swizz, Pharell, Tim AND OLD MAN WINTER (sorry dunno the white dude) in the SAME ROOM. Jay is the ridic and those beats sounded amazing.


MalibuMara said...

LOL, the white guy is Rick Rubin, he did 99 problems with Jay back in the day.

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