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Jun 25, 2013

Memory Lane: The O.C.

I have an embarrassing confession. One of my favorite shows when I was in high school was The O.C. MAINLY because Seth Cohen was sooo nerdy and adorable. Also, him and summer made the cutest couple ever, he wrote a comic book for her... HOW CUTE IS THAT?
I couldn't get enough. NOT TO MENTION THE STYLE ON THAT SHOW.I feel like at heart I have an inner Seth Cohen... He's hilarious.

Time to Break out my DVDS.

I also thank them for the best cover of Oasis' "Wonderwall."



Confessions Of A City Girl said...

I never watched this show, but it always seemed interesting...

Confessions Of A City Girl / Enerjiee

J. said...

I'm with you-Those nerdy guys always have a place in my heart...sigh...

I.K.I.N.T.O.O. said...

Ryan Adams's cover is legit and the first and second season of the OC were EVERYTHING. As soon as McG started fucking with the character plotlines, I was over it...but yeah, this takes me back to high school...le sigh, I feel so old....


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