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Aug 26, 2013

MUSIC MONDAY: Halcyon Days

Thank the Music Gods, Ellie Goulding releases her companion to Halcyon on Tuesday.She says its the happier side to Halcyon, because that shit was depressing. Ellie is very versatile in her music style but is being known as the EDM queen. Crazy that she started with a folk influence. I still have love for her,

Enjoy! I can't wait. 
"Hearts Without Chains" and "Tessellate" are my absolute favorites!



Fashion Pad said...

I love the album cover!!!

I.K.I.N.T.O.O. said...

I saw the video for "Burn" and I thought it was cheesy and the song was whatever. I think she needs to refresh her sound instead of putting out bland filler tracks on a re-release. However, I liked Halcyon just fine on it's own and a few new tracks stood out to me. The dog in my header is a bulldog puppy.


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