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Aug 24, 2013

WEEKEND WRAPUP: Summer wrap?

So its the technical end of summer. Schools are starting soon and my top two thoughts are:
 1)Why is it so crowded everywhere?
 2)Traffic is going to be awful when school starts.
I loved my morning and afternoon commute but I'm sure its going to be DISGUSTING next week.

But it other news I had a really good week:
LtoR: Random selfie, I found the pearls I got for my 16th birthday. // Anyone else obsessed with Breaking Bad? I can't wait for Sundays episode because the last episode was SOOO BORING. // The spouse and I picked up a pair of Nexus tablets, thanks google. I needed something to read magazines on and carry when I travel and its pretty much perfect. I'm obsessed and can't put it down.//We also saw Jobs. I agree with the 2.5/5 star rating. There is so much to his story I feel like it was just an ok movie. // My nails are on trend! Been soaking up the September issues. ITS ALMOST FASHION MONTH YA'LL// My favorite snack this week has been edamame. I'm pretty much obsessed and each bowl has 12 grams of protein.// Shout out to Nordstrom for my new skyhighs. I got them a couple weeks back but here's a small peek. They're being featured in my fall fashion shoot coming soon, so stay tuned.//  ALSO, TENSION a photoshoot I worked on with Imani, a fellow blogger, is releasing next week! I will post a small comic novel using the images but it was so fun I can't wait to show you all :)

Anyone ready for the VMAS? I KNOW I AM. The potential NSYNC reunion makes me fangirl so hard.
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J. said...

Not gonna lie, I'm a little curious about the whole nsync thing!

Loving the Nikes!

FASHIONISMYWAY by Cristina L said...

September issues are my fav part of this month. Damn ow I hate come back to the boring routine! :)

Check it out my blog to read what I think about this winter trends! :)


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