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Aug 7, 2013

THE HILLS: Alternate Ending

Who absolutely loved Laguna Beach and The Hills?
*Raises hands*
We followed Lauren Conrad and Whitney, Audrina and Justin Bobby (omg he was too weird), everyone's favorite power couple Speidi, not to mention Brody and Lo, Stephanie and eww-Stacey. So many "moments" but of course with the reintroduction of Kristin Cavallari we couldn't help but give ourselves a reality check and wonder if this show was even real. Real or not, it was full of so many relate-able life quotes.

All I know if LC is really full of wisdom and for that reason is one of my role models...and said my favorite quote ever:
 The ending of the series kind of confirmed that it was fake since the ending was filmed on a sound stage and... well, kind of blew everyone's minds. Its like we knew it was fake but we were ok with it until someone said it out loud.Its been a few years, and we're over that BUT WE MISS IT.
On Aug 9th, MTV will be airing The Hills, and  THE SERIES FINALE ALTERNATE ENDING.
I'll be tuning in, don't worry!

*Queue that awful Natasha Beddingfield song, I'll grab the gourmet popcorn.


Antionette said...

I loved both Laguna Beach and The Hills! And yes, Justin Bobby was weird but he was sexy to me. Lol! I wanted him and Audrina to work out so bad! I can't believe you don't like “Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield, though. It's a good song, lol.

MalibuMara said...

Ahh I think I'm Just tired of it. That song is just annoying to me! But Justin Bobby was just... special. I miss Laguna Beach.

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