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Sep 15, 2013

NYFW: SPRING 2014 Trend Report

Over the years I moved away from posting every collection I adored on my blog mainly because I'm sure you all read WWD or style.com to catch up on each. SO many greats this year that's what I love about fashion. It's always changing, there is always something new. Perfect for my creative innovative self, and the reason why I chose a career in fashion. Always busy, always innovating, always trendspotting.
Speaking of trendspotting, GOOGLE GLASSES were the thing for all editors at Fashion week. Pictured above is Diane Von Furstenburg. GAWD I LOVE HER.

SO what is in for Spring 2014?

We are looking at Florals, White, Sporty inspired styles, 70's/ Boho, and 90s inspired looks.
y-3 is the PERFECT way to go if you want inspiration for the Sporty look.
Diesel mastering all white.

Michael Kors taking Luxe to the highest level. A little 70's, a little boho in there.

Alexander Wang, is the 90's inspiration I see?
Cara D, everyone's favorite model, backstage at Marc Jacobs. I NEED HER NAZAR NECKLACE.




FASHIONISMYWAY by Cristina L said...

Uhw, i hate Cara D!
I loved this FW but not as I'm loving the London Fashion Week :) I think that Alexander Wang and DKNY were my fav shows :)

Come to my blog to read NYFW revievs ;) http://fashionismyway.blogspot.com/

MalibuMara said...

LOL I dont feel any way about Cara D. She's very popular though!
London is awesome.

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