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Sep 17, 2013

High Fashion: Google Glass

So I noticed that Google Glass was all over the place at fashion week. CRAY. They were also seen in a Vogue spread, so of course I wanted to know more. Instead of me trying to break down the Google Glass. Did you know that my boyfriend is a tech blogger? How perf:
Meet Kyle from TekChronic.

Project "Glass" is a newly created device from Google that users wear as frames. Glass gives the user the ability to Snap photos, and capture video content from the vantage point of the users eye level so the viewer is able to see from the eyes of the user. Google didn't stop there with the features, Glass is also voice controlled which comes in handy when capturing video content, Not to mention this device parasites off of your smart phone which allows you to upload the video and photo content. While connected to your device Glass allows you to answer calls and even send texts just to name a few features. 
Wearable tech is nothing new nor something we haven't seen before, It seems as though it is making a come back with not only Google Glass but with Samsung's newly announced Galaxy Gear as well. Wearable devices will most certainly play big role in the future of technology and it seems as though Google along with Samsung are laying the foundation with their first generation devices. 
The question of "Do I really need something like Glass or Gear" is a constant question that consumers will need to ask themselves when considering buying these devices. There of course is a high potential for Google Glass but again this technology is newly developed and is still the first generation. I'm interested in seeing how Google will market this device once they decide to launch it to the public, because as of right now it's only available as the "Explorer edition" which most bloggers and tech reviewers have their hands on but this isn't the finished product. Once there is an App Store for this device I'm sure developers will take take Glass to another level but as of now we don't have that option, I'm eager to get my hands on this device to review.

SO how can I get a hold of these for Houston Fashion week? THIS IS SERIOUS.

Feel free to get all your tech info from TekChronic!

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