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Sep 21, 2013

MIX 96.5: Project Glam

On such a rainy Thursday I escaped some traffic and went to Mix 96.5's Project glam!

Project glam is a fun event hosted by one of Houston's top radio stations, Mix 96.5. The free event was held at the Bayou City Event Center and included product showings, beauty consultations, and a fun fashion show at the end of the night.
One of the first booths I stopped by were the lovely vintage ladies of Yoko Vintage and Vida Antigua.The awesome chick in the Oscar De La Renta kimono curates everything herself! If you want something super unique, vintage is the way to go.
I also met up with the wonder people from Darby's. They will be featured again on the blog I picked up a chevron print pair! (c/o of Darby's) Don't you hate wearing tights with a bootie or boot but either slip around inside your shoe or feel like you have cold toes? That is not a problem as these tights have a sock knitted at the bottom of them. Why haven't people thought of this sooner?
I've never heard of Lola G. Boutique but they have cute dresses and also featured looks in the fashion show at the end of the night.
This line of jewelry is from the new start-up colorbyamber.com. In short, its stylish eco jewelry that helps artisan women is countries like Nepal and Sengal. I recommend visiting their website I think the process to create the jewelry is really awesome. If you can find an area rep they also host parties! It hasn't really made its way fully into Houston yet but has been featured in many major magazines!
Pomp & Circumstance is a posh boutique located near River Oaks. I was OBSESSED with the vintage medalions (Top Right). They also have chic clothing, not pictured, but you can head to their site to check it out: http://www.pandcboutique.com/.
And the night ended with a fashion show featuring some great fall looks!:
Fall inspiration anyone? Today feels like fall in Houston! Nothing over 80 degrees.
Until next time.



Panty Buns said...

Project Glam looks fabulous. I love vintage and all the pretty colours. I agree with you, the Lola G. Boutique dress looks cute.

The rails and tables of vintage clothes and other vintage items remind me a bit of the vintage treasures Vix of Vintage Vixen and Jenny of FROCKTASIAsell on the other side of the pond (in England). I wonder if vintage fashions are this popular worldwide?

The beauty consultations at MIX 96.5's Project Glam must have been fun too. I love the print on the dress in the lower left corner of the last image.

Have a happy autumn!


MalibuMara said...

Thank you for visiting, it was pretty fun!

ChristelPaola said...

Amazing pics :)


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