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Dec 17, 2013

Tek 3 Quick Christmas list.

A quick Christmas fix for the fashionable techie in your life, they  might  like this fun mix of cool items we either own or have test drove:

Nexus 5- 
This device is the best bang for your buck this holiday season for $350 bucks you can get the latest and greatest of Android. Packing a 2.3 Ghz processor 8 Mega pixel camera 2 Gb of RAM and all to go along with a great unibody design. 

Fitibit Flex (If you can find it)
This Device is another integration of wearable tech but geared more towards the Health/fitness Freak. This device monitors everything. No really, Literally everything from sleep patterns to steps taken daily.  To calorie consumption. Did I mention that this device is compatible with both iOS and Android? Well it is. Which makes this device very marketable which is why it's hard to find at the moment.

Galaxy Gear. 
This Device has the potential to be great, It has great entry level features. Samsung is on to something with this device Connecting with your smart phone (Note 3 only currently) Via Bluetooth, NFC the Gear is able to display notifications, Snap quick photos, And even Answer phone calls (Yeah, like James Bond) Once developers get their hands on this device there's no limit to what it may do.

Any other tech Questions? Ask my favorite tech blogger Kyle over at http://tekchronic.blogspot.com/ !


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