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Jan 3, 2014


Is everyone's new years resolution to be more active? Seems like it because some of us who like who go to the gym regularly CAN'T GO because of the influx of random New Years attendees. But hey, do you boo. Get fit. I'm on this weight gain journey and I have to say gaining weight is just as hard as losing weight.
Angry face with my Goody Athletique headband from my influenster Violet Vox Box. Reversible sports bra is from target, they have a dope selection of compression sports bras if you're ever looking.

I'm going to try to feature a cool fitness thing once a month, I found this hilariously perfectly named "Malibooty workout" and deemed it appropriate as a great post.
It looks like move 1 is a dead lift. 2 is a kick back, 3 I would do singe leg squats, 4 I would do a fire hydrant, 5 kick backs, 6 are single leg presses. To make any of these harder try holding 10-20lb weights.
This workout was on doyoueven.com Maybe one day I'll be cool enough to make up my own (*cough* lol yeah right)
Try it out! Feel free to share other links and some of your favorite moves :)



Anonymous said...

thanks this was great inspiration. xo

MalibuMara said...

Your welcome! I think its an easy quick workout :)

J. said...

Ok,Ok, I'm going to get ready to head to the gym as soon as I'm done typing this. The real question is, Zumba or yoga?

I love your abs of steal! Great inspiration!
Happy New Year

Taylor Brione said...


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