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Mar 30, 2014


Another month has really flown by. Like seriously where did it go?
So what have I reached for the most this month? Lets see.
This month looks like it was capitalized by Gold accents huh?
1. PSSSSTTTT Dry shampoo : Such a life saver when coming from the GYM or just a quick refresh for my hair. Or maybe March has just been a busy month. Can't tell.

2. Baby lips by Maybelline: I've actually been obsessed all winter but after buying my 5th tube I think it's time to make an appearance on my blog.

3: Henri Bendel narrow harry band ring: It's from my lovely boo. It gets thrown into every outfit, its so glam but yet classic.

4. Statement Gold Bib Necklaces: I'm Obsessed with these two but under a collared tee or as an exclamation point of the right jumpsuit or dress, it's perfect.

5. Mirrored Green Rayban Aviators: Summer staple, and actually my first pair of Raybans. I actually like the quality a lot. I'm not really into expensive sunglasses but this pair seems worth it. I won't build a collection any time soon but for now, these will be on my face A TON this summer.

6. Bonus *Voluspa candle: I might have a SLIGHT candle obsession.Voluspa candles are one of my faves and this one in Linden and Dark moss is no exception.

I can't believe it's almost April! VEGAS HERE WE COME :D

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