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Apr 28, 2014


Play time is over, so back to work on this Monday I go. Expect fun posts from Vegas all week! I need it in my life to keep me sane until my next outing. While we're all at our desks or whatever it is you do for a living, feel free to jam this fist pumping playlist. Perfect for the gym or just getting the party started. Or just keeping yourself from falling asleep at work...

So what was Vegas like? Nonstop. Jet Lag. DRY. My skin and throat have never been so dry. It got to the point where I bought baby oil because my body was not retaining moisture. My throat was soo dry I. Lots of coconut water was consumed! Haha, but all in all it is a pretty cool mecca of freaks and geeks. Gambling is not my thing, slot machines are not my friend, but the shopping centers were so pretty I am kind of obsessed with Cesars Palace. More on our adventures during the week!



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GirlsAreDolls said...

Very cool picture :)

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