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Apr 29, 2014

Viva Vegas.

Vegas Photolog I/III.
Day one was a full of shopping. Can I say I'm obsessed with Caesars Palace and Fashion show? I also bought a little something from Marc by Marc Jacobs and Top Shop, two stores I love but don't have here in Texas! Lets just say I am one happy girl!

Everything was super pretty. I probably could have spent another day in that mall, we didn't finish walking though it. When I went to Marc Jacobs I was telling the girl we didn't have one and she said "Well you don't sound southern at all!" It made me laugh, not all of us wear cowboy hats and talk with a twang y'all.



Panty Buns said...

Was the outfit you're wearing in these photos from your Day One shopping at Marc by Marc Jacobs and Top Shop? Your outfit is gorgeous! I love the white lace and the bows on the back of your red blouse - they're so wonderfully feminine! I love your hairstyle too. You looked fabulous. For you as a well-schooled fashion blogger, to be obsessed with Caesars Palace and Fashion show says a lot. I've never been to Las Vegas but if I do maybe I should put them on my to see list. The photos from Vegas are great. I love the photos with you i them, like the one with the Top Shop bag at Marc Jacobs. The next time I watch one of the videos on your YouTube channel Malibu Mara TV I'll have to listen for that non-Southern non-twangy Texas accent of yours :)


Ms. King said...

Great photos, love the shirt!!

MalibuMara said...

Thanks girl!

MalibuMara said...

Thank you for the compliments. I think you should go! Its very dry though. Well, I don't know where your from but compared to the weather here the air was very dry.

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