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May 20, 2014


How many months have I been living in my new apartment without a single home decor post in sight? Not too many, but you have waited too long! One of my favorite DIY's that I did in my home is my script wall art. It's actually also the very last thing I made for my place!
A few of the things (or similar) in my living room: 
Mirror Coffee Table from target.com
Safaveigh Furry Rug from Overstock.com
Louis Vuitton/ Marc Jacobs Coffee Table book
Couch from Gallery Furniture (It came with all of those cute pillows!)
Yes, the bamboo is real, fake plants are bad Feng Shui!

I chose lyrics to Ru Paul's Sissy that Walk AND Jay-Z Forever Young. Both lyrics mean a little something different to me so I wanted them on my wall as inspiration.
I was inspired by a crazy $1,000 rug I saw somewhere and decided I wanted an element of that in my space. My couch came with cute scripted pillows so It only made sense to add some of that to my wall. I have a pretty big living room so it adds to the wall space.
My Living room also has a cozy fireplace! I mad a few DIYS for that as well so stay tuned to those :)

I bought the canvas at Hobby Lobby, they have a printable coupon for 40% online all the time so I suggest going there if you feel inspired to make your own, these are some of my inspiration photos:




Panty Buns said...

You post wonderfully inspirational quotes on your blog! I'll have to make a note of Hobby Lobby. Sorry about the typo in my first comment - obviously I meant your D.I.Y. inspirational script wall art on the Hobby Lobby canvases.


misselisak said...

Awesome! Very beautiful space!

Ms. King said...

Great Job! I love your living room. The only place in my apartment that has art is my bedroom. I love DIY's. I rarely sit in the living room... not enough inspiration there I guess. But you're an inspiration to jazz up my living room. Thamks for posting :)

Unknown said...

Hi, MalibuMara, Wow! Your script wall art looks great. It is one of the new idea that i seen in this industry. Thanks for sharing this post. Can we put inspirational quotes in script wall art?

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