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May 18, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up: Week of Content

Not too much went on this week, my lovely Clippers got eliminated from the playoffs BUT I did wear copious amounts of fan gear to support. I also picked up a pair of Blake Griffin socks (Insert heart eye emoji here). At work one of my vendors makes the sublimated player socks, I mentioned how my boyfriend loves his Lebron James pair and said that I wanted a Blake Griffin pair. He pulled them out of his sample bag and tossed them at me. I couldn't contain my excitement. Favorite socks, yo.
So what else went on?
-I got my Free Press Summer Fest tickets in the mail where I will rock out to Zedd, Wu-Tang, Childish Gambino, DMX, and more. May 31-June 1 where you at?
-I met Maggie Semple, more info on her later. She is from London and was in the states. We had a lovely chat, she even gave me her book. Stay Tuned. 
-Being a foodie, food trucks are a way of life. They are parking closer and closer to our corporate office, so instead of walking to My Fit Foods like a good girl... sometimes I get distracted. I COULD NOT RESIST when I saw the waffle bus parked on my way to My Fit Foods. If you haven't heard me mention the waffle bus before (HERE), its the amazingness of chicken and waffles--as a sandwich.
-I bought my mommy awesome colorful flowers for mother's day.
-Did I mention I'm in love with my Blake Griffin socks? Ok.

You can buy your favorite players at most foot locker locations or online, if you like Blake Griffin like I do, you can buy them HERE.

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