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Nov 28, 2014


Me on the Left and Maladybelle on the right.
Before the runways, before the lights dim, before the final walks... its the red carpet. I showed you the runway but the red carpet is a fun show all on its own.

Sometimes you gotta look out for Bees.
I spy the men behind the lenses on my coverage, Kyle Hamilton and Aaron from KB Photography. Yes, the same KB| Photography behind all of my epic photo shoots.
I also spy Liqs, the promotional sponsor that hands out shots before each night. Johnny Dang, H-towns awesome jewelry man. He was dawning grills and the biggest blingest ring and watch combo I have ever seen. On the far right, it's the EPIC David Peck. He has quickly become my favorite designer from Houston...
Ever stood in a press pit? Its actually pretty fun. Its not fun in heels, but its the best place for photos!
And then there was the candid moment where a man who spoke Arabic let me know that my signature name necklace was backwards.... I have been wearing a necklace with my name in Arabic for like a year now and it was really embarrassing but kind of cool because he also wrote my name on his business card in Arabic.
Now can we discuss that I wore all black every night? Am I apart of the crew? Next year I will challenge myself to wear colors!
I wore a lot of vintage and a lot of Zara. Oh, and a lot of black. 
I mean, whats 2014 FH5 without a selfie or 10?

It rained on nights 3 and 4 but rain or shine we still were out there! My hair didn't appreciate it but all in all I think it was a fun experience overall.

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