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Dec 15, 2014

12 DAYS of CHRISTMAS | DAY FOUR Gifts that Give Back

A perfect gift for someone who has it all is a gift that gives back. Its also a cool gesture to know that your gift impacts a larger cause!
12 DAYS of CHRISTMAS | Gifts that Give Back

I only picked 4 items, but through research if you are passionate about something there is probably an item that will benefit that! I think I picked mostly items that benefit various hunger organizations... probably because I'm hungry as I blog this! I am obsessed with the Kiehls gift set, so feel free to send me one!




Ms. King said...

Haha good thing it the holidays, we can eat what we want and not feel guilty.Those journals would be a great gift!

Malibu Mara said...

HAH I agree and yes I still see them at my target, most of the other items are sold out.

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