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Dec 14, 2014


Well its day 3... But also my 25th Birthday. Quarter life crisis in progress, but don't mind me. Well mind me  just a little bit! Its my birthday I can use some attention. I will be having a brunch (/Sunday Funday) with close friends.
So what would make a great gift for a Fashion blogger? I put together this adorable polyvore to help you out:
12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS: Fashion Blogger Gift Guide

Perfect for the working girl on the go!
From the top:
1) Obviously a computer or laptop if your little blogger needs an upgrade. And upgrade was the best thing I have ever done for myself.
2) A business card holder. Its easy and leaves a great impression to carry cards, so what better way to keep it neat then a cute card holder?
3) A large tote. You just can't go wrong with a tote bag.
4)Naked on the run pallate. OMG I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS THING. It is perfect to touchups and has everything for a full on the go face. DAMN YOU UD.
5) A Notebook/ Stationary. I have a weird obsession with little stationary but I like a classic notebook to jot down ideas. As much as I love sharing everything online, alot of goals and planning is written on paper and not in a phone or word document.
6)Mokara Candle... I LOVE this smell, but any candles will do. When I blog or generate ideas I like to relax and unwind and candles are helped me do so.
7)Who doesn't think this graphic tee is funny? NEED.
8)A camera upgrade. Every event I go to people ask me what camera I own--and this is it. Mine is the brown leather but I highly recommend this compact DSLR camera!
9) Portable battery pack. You have no clue how many events this has come in handy. Now that I have switched to the Iphone6 I don't have battery issues as much but its good to keep in your large tote bag just in case.
10) A laptop case. I love how classic this envelop case looks but its perfect for the travel blogger because I am awful and currently don't have a case! I have packed this laptop bare so much I finally feel bad ;(



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misselisak said...

This is dope! i love it!

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