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Feb 9, 2015


Fueled by Kombucha I have been packing/unpacking/cleaning. Everyday I feel like I wake up running. Like a zebra in the wild I really feel like every day I am running for my life. I honestly can't breathe until March. LE SIGH.
There is a lot swirling around in my life off the internet so please forgive my random gaps in posting. I moved into a new place, trying to clean out my old place and trying to figure out when I can fit in turning my old keys after finishing cleaning, business meetings and dinners, blog events, not to mention the ridiculous work load caused by picking up unnecessary responsibility and requests. Not to mention that a rock cracked my windshield and it needs to be replaced soon, oh and taxes.... Its one of those times. LAWD JESUS take the wheel.
At least enjoy these 2 images I shot a few weekends ago with the ladies of DrippedHTX. Apparently purple lips are what happen when you ask for a nude/natural looking face. LOL, that was an interesting day.

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Unknown said...

While the purple lips look good on you, if you asked for nude you should have made them fix it.

BTW Your CDG nails are super cute.

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