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Apr 30, 2015

FASHIONABLY FIT FRIDAY | Revolution studio, River Oaks

Now that I have had my experience at the spin and yoga session with Revolution studios its time for you to try out their newest studio in River Oaks. May 2nd and May 3rd they will be offering classes on a first come first serve basis! Yoga or Cycling so you can try your hand at either like I did.


I spoke about going to a fun pop up Hustle& Flow pop up class at Lululemon in Highland Village. I learned that I am not good at spin when I went. I want to build my way up though because it was really fun! I should add the bike to my current workouts. The live DJ was also what set the mood since the playlist was on point.
The event started with a free shoe rental and some flash tattoos. My favorite drink company Neuro came buy with drinks as well. After our Cycle and yoga sessions the event ended with breakfast burritos. I love Lululemon so it was interesting having this pop up class in their shop.

The yoga cool down was fun, although it was more like a stretch and less like a relaxing cool down, it was what I needed after 30 minutes of the struggle.

Sending namaste vibes to you this weekend! 


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