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May 3, 2015

Weekend Wrap-up

This week was a little out of the norm! It started with a nice date night to Uchi, a super cute sushi bar in Houston off Westheimer. They had great sushi and the coolest thing was Fried Milk! I like to try different things when I go to restaurants. I don't understand the point of being picky when going out. I tried to explain fried milk to people  and they were grossed out. It was amazing. Step outside the box, life is short.
I spent what felt like all week, but was only 2 days in Lake Charles at our Golden Nugget property. As a part of the office I was random invited to experience out manager conference where we basically helped support the ops team in making our stores motivated. It was interesting meeting some of the stores face to face. As a buyer and coming up with things to sit in stores, its interesting to hear from the actual operations perspective of what works and what they need more of.
My weekend ended with boba, my favorite thing on Earth, coupled with Asian sandwiches, second favorite thing on earth!
I also watched the incredibly boring MayPac fight. Still a major supporter of Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather is very ostentatious and incredibly pretentious.

Can you believe its May? SUMMER! You're here :)


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