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Apr 12, 2015

Marble Macbook | New Macbook Pro

Sunday Tea:
So in all things typical my computer of barely a 14 months hard drive failed. Like---what? It's an SSHD so I have no clue how that's even possible. Well I mean, Meelo did slingshot it across the room, BUT STILL. Either way in lieu of getting it fixed I just invested in a Macbook pro. I know, I know. I have been solid windows for pretty much ever... This was pretty much the last straw. Luckily there wasn't much information on that HD, trying to buy a new one and re-format it would have been annoying seeing as though computers don't come with an optical disk drive anymore!
I also ordered this marble case from amazon. It looks so sleek while protecting my computers body LOL. #macbookonfleek
I love it and can't wait to use it... And get back to blogging. This kind of puts all of my projects on hold until it gets in the mail! Im also traveling Wednesday through Friday to Louisiana for work fun slavery. BAH. Trying to schedule a couple posts and maybe blog a little bit about the attractiveness that is Lake Charles.


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