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Apr 19, 2015


My first post with my new Mac Book and I can finally get back on track with everything blog related! I hated feeling so behind and not having a computer. My last computer had a hard drive failure and after a ton of back and forth with UPS-- I have a new Mac Book.

I spent the last part of the week in Lake Charles for work and it was a pretty cute! I'll be back in about a week,so expect more posts when I can explore the property for fun and not work. We were working on the new pro golf shop and we didn't even finish! They're still doing construction, the place is larger than we thought, shipments didn't arrive complete, we also didn't buy enough.... It was a cluster.
Other than that I ate enough of our restaurants for a long time, and really need to hit up the pool when I go back.

Sorry, no cute outfit photos since I was always dressed for intense store set-up. The last day I was ready to leave. my feet hurt! No roshes for store set ups... ever again. My Henri Bendel Jetsetter is the perfect travel purse! A post is coming on it soon. I am obsessed with it.



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