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May 6, 2015


Investing in leather is always a good idea, but after investing it is important to keep it looking clean and like new. Leather Honey sent me a bottle of cleaner and conditioner to review and I had to put it to the test. I have tried other leather cleaners in the past so I was curious as to how this experience was going to be. To my surprise this product is all natural and has no abrasive chemical smell! That is what I hate the most about leather cleaners.
This product is concentrated so you can get a lot of uses out of this one bottle! I was surprised that it just felt like a soap and didn't smell. It really broke down the dirt on the multiple objects I cleaned.

The results from just the cleaning and one swipe of the conditioner. The shoe on the bottom was treated one time, and show on the top is untreated.  You can swipe the conditioner on and leave overnight to deep condition. I also treated a jacket and some other boots in one sitting! I am kind of obsessed. 
The consistency of the conditioner is pretty thick, like honey, but again didn't have an abrasive smell and is all natural. Aside from cleaning apparel you can clean car seats, furniture, wallets and other leather accessories.

After applying Leather Honey it gets rid of Mildew and Mold. It will protect your leather in the future which is perfect if you have a boyfriend that doesn't take care of his shoes thats often. It works on all leathers except suede. They also have free shipping, I really recommend it if you are looking to keep your leather looking really nice. My favorite thing is that it is easy to use and does not smell!


BRB looking for leather things to clean!
*This product was sent to be for review through Straight North and Leather Honey. I thank all sponsors, without them this blog is not possible. All opinions are my own so back up off me.

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