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Jun 11, 2015

After Work Thoughts | I Need a Drink

This week has been a long one. Mid week I ventured to Bovine and Barley for a Tidbits Front Row event! The place is really cute but there were wayyyy to many of us for a little party room. I stayed for about 30 minutes and left but not before snapping a shot of the awesome HTX wall light installation. 
Bovine and Barley is nestled on the quiet end of Main street downtown. Oh, Downtown Houston. For me, venturing to Downtown is a game of remembering where I park (which now consists of me dropping my Pin on my IPhone and texting it to my BF), dodging the metro rail, and dodging Bums asking for cash. 
The event consisted of appetizers that I didn't really get a chance to try due to how crowded we were and how awkward it was trying to eat standing up. We also got 2 drink tickets for beer of wine only. At least I was able to pick up some Coupons that are perks for Tidbits FrontRow members. 

Ever since my friend died I have been very "Life is short" with my mindset. Sometimes it's ok to believe you are bigger than your situation. Lately I think the question in my head has boiled down to, "Do you hate what you're doing, or who you're doing it for?" Long story short,  changes are coming.

I did say this year would be the year I do things I never have before...


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