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Jun 15, 2015

TCS Closets | Custom Closets by the Container Store

When you were younger did you have a barbie Dream house? My favorite part of my barbie house layout was her closet. I had an organized barbie closet for everything from her Cinderella dress to her nurse uniform. As a child I organized closets, today... its much of the same.   I do have a pretty large closet but its already kind of packed and aesthetically not exactly my dream. 
Enter, TCS Closets. The container store is offering a build out option from top to bottom that you can fully customize in every way possible. You can pick the wood, the hardware furnishings, the fixtures. It's amazing.

DREAM CLOSET. Can I please have glass doors and shoe shelves? Granted I don't even own cool shoes... I just like how neat it all looks. Its almost like having a mini boutique in your house.
One day!


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