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Jul 27, 2015

Escaping Summer Heat with Clarins SPF

My love for Clarins is year round. With this summer heat it has been very important for me to keep my skin protected. Everytime I step into my car it says something over 100 degrees. The rule generally is, if you need sunglasses-- you need sunscreen.

As a girl on the go, this is probably my favorite thing. Its sun screen oil spray and is SPF 30. According to Clarins:

This innovative, dual- purpose SPF 30 dry oil spray protects both hair and skin from the damaging effects of sun, salt water, and chlorine.  The sunscreen’s beautifying formula promotes a rich, healthy looking tan and leaves the skin satin smooth.  Its unique blend of organic Indonesian Nyamplug Oil, Senna extract, Plane tree extract, and Aloe Vera combines to sooth, moisturize, defend, and soften, giving your skin and hair the perfect finish.
 Did you know sun damage attributes to wrinkles? I don't know about you but I stress out enough, I don't need the sun to add any sag to my face. This control cream comes in SPF 30 or 50, depending on what level of coverage you are feeling. It applies matter, so it is perfect for the face. I hate it when applying sun screen and I look greasy.

I feel like Texas heat is calling for SPF 50!
Both lightweight and moisturizing, this sunscreen offers high- protection for the face against wrinkles and sun- induced age spots, allowing you to achieve an even, long- lasting tan free of sun- induced aging effects.  The sunscreen’s Phyto-Sunactyl 2 Complex works to reinforce protection, promoting an even tan and maintaining the youth and beauty of the skin.  
Speaking of heat, where did the summer go?

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