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Jul 18, 2015


If you know me you have probably heard, but I wanted to fully share the news online.
Comic Con was a fun experience but behind the images we were dealing with something major.
The day that we left, apparently Meelo had gotten away from the person that we had watching him. He ran off, and was hit by a car. The asshole that hit him didn't even stop. To them, Karma will be their answer. Meelo had his collar and a leash dragging behind him, so to not stop... You have got to be a piece of shit. A lady who saw the whole thing happen stopped her car to help Meelo but it was too late, he had died instantly. She did take steps to find out that we owned him and she moved Meelo to keep him from being hit repeatedly.
We unfortunately got the call while in LA our first night while meeting up with some friends --Dylan and John from Jayswag.com. I'm thankful they were there because they let us cry and really helped up take our mind off the situation. Comic con was a great distraction but being home hasn't been the same. Its so quiet around the house.  I really miss his personality and it really makes me said that he was only about 9months old. As sad as I am, I have to remember that we gave him the coolest life, even though his time with us was short.
Meelo when we first got him, he outgrew this little cup really fast.
I never expected my heart to break the way that it did, but I am truly heartbroken.  I honestly will never trust anyone again to watch any of our fur babies. I regret not boarding him. I just knew how timid he was and thought he would be more comfortable at home. I kind of felt like it was a bad idea but I should have followed my gut. It doesn't matter anymore. I will never get to see our dog again.
As much as it makes us sad, we loved having something to take care of. This house is way too quiet. We are getting a new Shiba and he will arrive the end of next month, and honestly I trust no one to watch him. I think it will be good to put energy into a new pup. It sure beats being as sad as I am.

RIP Meelo. I miss you every day, but I remember. All dogs go to heaven.


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