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Jul 17, 2015

San Diego Comic Con: Days 3 and 4.

Tired or Nah?
Day three was the same story with Conan but the Mystery guest was the cast of X-Men. Dr. Who made an appearance as well. At the end of the Night Conan played "Smells like Teen Spirit" on his guitar and it was crazy. I was trying to look really animated in case the cameras felt like cutting to me in the audience. We were in the 7th and 8th row, so it was fun.
We almost have all the Conan Funkos, we're missing Conan 1. We have an extra monster so if anyone is down for tradesies.....

We also discovered Nerd HQ. The coolest thing to me was so simple but why doesn't everyone do it. It had an RFID chip in it to scan in or register for things. We took a photo and after they scanned our bands it sent the photo to our email. There were panels, you could play games that weren't out yet. The one thing I was excited to do was MAKE MY OWN COKE CAN! I never find my name so it was cool to print one that said Mara. Nerd HQ is an offsite event that you also don't need a badge for. They moved it to the Childrens Museum and they throw parties at night after the panels and games.
I ran into my childhood bestie who now lives in San Diego. She's still dope and will even begin contributing a beauty segment to my blog in August!
OKKKK, I SAW THE SCREAM QUEENS. Yes I died. Yes it was awesome. They're so pretty in person I can't wait until the show premiers.
The other awesome thing we did was tour the AHS Hotel! Next season stars Lady Gaga, even though Ryan Murphy claims this season will NOT have any musical numbers. He said he got them out during the Circus season -_- The AHS Hotel was a giant game, 8 people were allowed inside at a time. Each "Room" was a money machine and when you "check out" the person with the most money won $100. I lost by $500. At least they give you a cute key chain when you leave.
And with that, Comic Con was over. If you want to see more check out the Day 1 and 2 post. They even include Youtube videos :)



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